Game Over Movie Review: Horror + Thriller’s Super Combo; Theatrical movie review

plot of the movie

In the dark night, the girl is alone and suddenly she is murdered at home. Now the murderer separates her head from the fuselage and tosses it like it is a football. So look at his vandalism, he gives the head to the flames of fire. The extent to which this scene is scary, on the screen, it will shake your spirit. This small scene which is about 1 minute, sitting in the theater, scares you so much that you wake up. The story of the game over movie begins with this scene. Police are investigated, but the killer does not know anything. Seeing on the look, the story starts catching up, and you get so drowned in the story that you feel the real fear.

movie game over

Game Over movie Story

This is the story of a girl dream (Taapsee Pannu), a video game designer. The dream keeps its working woman away from her family with Kala Amma (Vinodhini Vaidyanathan). she is so addictive to play games that she creates a tattoo of a video game on her hand. Only after doing this, his life changes completely. The shadow of fear starts hitting on it, and the storm comes in the life of his play. Now he does not sleep due to bad dreams at night, he starts to feel scared by the darkness. To find out what is the reason behind all this, he meets the doctor. But it does not get any benefit from it. Then one day she meets the tattoo maker. After that, a veil of such a secret lies in front of the dream, after knowing which becomes even more troubled. The tattoo maker tells her that it is not a common tattoo but a memorial tattoo. The tattoo made of this tattoo is made from the ashes of a dead person or an ashes of bones. In this, the bones of Amutha (Satna Natarajan) have been found. This is the same girl, whose murder we see in the beginning of the film. As the story of the movie progresses, the story goes in love and adventure too. At the end of the game Over Movie Review, there are very many incidents which will make your heart shine. At the end of the film, how does the dream save itself or its game over, all this will only get noticed by watching the movie.


The story of the film is about 2 hours and 42 minutes. The film keeps you connected from the beginning till the end. The film, directed by Ashwin Saravanan and he had done a great job. From scripting to the editing every single work has been done with perfection.

There are very few movies in Bollywood that can make you feel so close to the fear and it is a living example of her victory. Taapsee Pannu’s acting is really awesome. You will become a fan for the powerful act by Taapsee Pannu.

According to us, the film is indeed to watch and we can garaunteed you that your weekend can be super horror

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