Mental hai kya will be releasing soon.

Kangna Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao starrer Mental Hai Kya, have already been in news since the beginning of the shooting of the film.

‘Mental hai kya’ film starring Kangana Ranaut and Raj Kumar Rao has been into the limelight for a long time, sometimes for its title mental hai kya, where the Indian psychiatric association has raised an issue that this title name is hurting many people’s sentiments as it is a sensitive issue on which Kangna using her sister’s twitter account tweet that On behalf of Kangana all I want to say is that everyone will be proud of ‘Mental Hai Kya’ the topic and subject she has chosen will trigger relevant talk and discussions around the stigma. Also, when asked from Raj Kumar Rao about the controversy he told that film title was never to hurt someone’s sentiment, the film had focused on the social cause and audience will like it.

The storyline of the film is followed by a girl who  suffers from a mental condition depression and how she deals with it also the film revolves around the social taboos of the society.” Mental Hai Kya had been into the limelight for its controversy over its title when there were few people who claimed that the film’s title is insensitive to patients who actually suffer from a mental condition. There were the rumours that the producers have contemplated changing the title, but they finally stuck to their original one and focusing on the release date of the film.

Prakash Kovelamudi, the director of the film had also told the sources it was fun directing two talented actors Kangana Ranaut and Raj Kumar Rao. There were rumours a few days back about Kangana interfered in the direction, denying all the rumours Prakash Kovelamudi told the media that “On my set, Kangana was an actor; a professional one, and a creative asset “On my set, Kangana was an actor; a professional one, and a creative asset

On  21st June 2019, the movie will hit the theatres and the first trailer will get launch on 19th June 2019. Talking about the trailer release date, the source said that The team has planned a grand launch on June 19. Kangana and Rajkummar will be there to present the trailer to the audience along with the team.

After knowing so much about the film all I can say that this movie seems worth watching. I am excited, aren’t you?

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